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Infobooth and registration


You only need an infodesk/reception if you are running a big jam (100+ participants) and need to coordinate a lot of info in one place. IF you are running a big jam, we highly recommend that you make one, so participants has a persistant location where they can get answers to their questions.

The purpose of the infodesk is for the participants to have a single-point-of-contact regarding questions or issues related to the gamejam.

The infodesk is a physical place:

The infodesk functions in the same way as the reception desk at a hotel; this is where you go if you need info.

The desk should be manned at all waking hours and equipped with a "Be Back Later" sign for when the receptionsts are out. It should have whatever information that might be needed for the participant's questions.

The receptionists ("Infonauts") should have access to the following:
• An online computer for acces to the global game jam website and the local gamejams' website.
• A printer for printing signs, kalenders, info from the GGJ-website etc.
• A board next to reception where they can hang notices and info
• A list of all organizers with areas of responsibility, mobile phonenumbers & email (prefereably also photos;- "he looks like this and is on the second floor")
• A list of all the participants (if they have registrered)
• List of the teams and what rooms they are in at the venue (if more then one)
• Printed program for the whole event
• Phones to call organizers + runner
• Prints of all the information on the website:
• Program
• Names of jury
• Description of jury-process
• Payment-info from website


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